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HeraBEAT is a connected, Medical grade Fetal Heartrate Monitor (like a CTG)  and cloud based dashboard
developed by doctors, engineers, and parents that enables remote fetal heartrate monitoring for High and Low risk pregnancies.

The HeraBEAT allows pregnant women to perform their own HFR/MHR measurement in the safety of their own home and share this via a secure cloud with the care professional. The care professional can assess the trace in real time or at a later stage.

The solution can be easily integrated with a Hospital Information System or Electronic Patient Record.Please contact us for a free test setup. 


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Key Advantages


HeraMED has created HeraCARE, a comprehensive maternal care solution. HeraMED is an innovative medical technology company leading the digital transformation of maternity care.

HeraCARE enables doctors and care providers to remotely care for their pregnant patients in a variety of ways. Care providers can track and record patient vitals including fetal heartbeat measurement via the novel, HeraBEAT, a first of its kind smart fetal heart rate monitor. HeraCARE also enables patient – provider
communications, timely patient education, and more.

HeraCARE is comprised of three components, which
when combined, power a holistic, end-to-end
maternity care solution:

HeraCARE Allows Care Providers To: