Obstetrix® Medical Group and HeraCARE™ have partnered to bring you the Obstetrix® Virtual OB

Virtual OB: Monitor your pregnancy from the comfort of home

Imagine having the ability to track your health and that of your unborn baby every week, or even every day, throughout your entire pregnancy. Imagine no longer. Remote pregnancy monitoring is at your fingertips.

Obstetrix® Medical Group and HeraMED have partnered to bring you the Obstetrix® Virtual OB maternity care program. The program enables you to monitor your pregnancy remotely and more often under the careful supervision of your provider. With personalized apps, a kit of professional-quality connected devices and a blend of in-person and virtual appointments, you will seamlessly track your health and the health of your baby through your entire pregnancy and following birth.

Virtual OB is an important step in defining the future of maternity care. Our goal is to leverage technology to optimize, improve and significantly enhance prenatal care and give you the best possible pregnancy experience.

More inforation : https://www.mednax.com/virtualob/